Local dishes you should try in Chennai

Chennai has several chains of hotels and restaurants which serves traditional authentic foods. The city is special since it has several low-cost eateries and popular street food corners that every group of people can buy. Some of the mouthwatering dishes you should try in Chennai are as follows:


It is a popular breakfast served in Chennai. It is prepared by combining black gram and rice flour. It is served with different kinds of chutneys and sambar.

Where to try: It is recommended to taste at Ratna Café, Balaji Bhavan, Saravana Bhavan, A2B, Murugan Idli Kadai, etc.

Vada or Vadai:

Vada is served in most of the hotels in Chennai. It is a delicious deep-fried dish. There are different types of vada like Thayir Vadai, Sambar Vadai, Parupu or Masala Vadai, Medu Vadai, etc.

Where to try: It is recommended to try Vadai at Murugan Idli Kadai, Ratna Café, Balaji Bhavan, Saravana Bhavan,and A2B.

It is popular and also a delicious dish prepared by combining black gram and rice flour. Dosa is one of the favorite foods for people all around the globe. It is available in various types like Uthappam, Ghee Dosa, Onion Dosa, Masala Dosa, etc. In recent years, several small Dosa stalls are offering more than forty varieties of Dosa on the street corners of Chennai.

Where to try: You can try Dosa in any of the resta-urants mentioned above.

String hoppers or idiyappam is a dish that looks like a noodle. It is prepared by steaming the rice flour. It is mostly served with coconut milk and sugar.

Where to try: Murugan Idli Kadai and A2B serve the best Idiyappam in town.

Are you feeling thirsty? Well, you need to try this cool and healthy beverage- Jigarthanda. It is a famous drink from Madurai. It is made using ice cream and almond resin. When you order, you would be served a creamy and cool glass of Jigarthanda. It is available at a reasonable price of INR 60. It tastes almost like Falooda. It is a perfect drink during summers.

Where to try: Murugan Idli Shop is famous for Jigarthanda in Chennai City.

Rose Milk:
It is another popular drink favorite for Chennaities. It is absolutely tasty to drink a glass of cold rose milk. It is prepared using milk, sugar and rose flavored essence.

Where to try: Kalathi Rose Milk Shop in Mylapore is famous for Rose Milk.

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