Be Aware Of The Top Rated Ice Cream Parlours in Chennai

One cannot stop the temptation of the ice cream lovers while they visit the beautiful Chennai city. The city is well known for its warm weather and the hot days during the summer season between the months between April and May. Since ice creams are always come under tempting list, consuming different ice creams is not at all a crime. Thanks to the Ice cream parlors/Ice creams centers which are in many numbers and are being located in various parts of the city. These ice cream parlors have come to existence to cater the needs of various taste buds of people, who just love ice creams for their yummy taste and quenching their thirst, especially in the hot and humid days.

People, who visit the city during this period, richly deserve some beautiful and delicious ice creams. Most of the ice cream parlors in Chennai have a vast gamut of flavors like every preferred vanilla, delicious butterscotch, enticing strawberry, kid’s favorite chocolate and many more. Reputed ice cream parlors also make the other varieties such as ice cream cakes, gelato, and even the frozen yogurt. Few of these items are to be taken along with the ice cream cones and milkshakes.

Bombay Kulfi Ice Cream parlor located in Besant Nagar is the ideal one for the Kulfi lovers. You can choose any Kulfi according to your moods, and you are sure to have them fresh. The place is small but offers excellent service to the clients. This area is a residential one; this parlor is always crowded especially after the evening. The shop attracts more crowds on the holidays and Sundays. All the products that are being sold here are affordable. All ranges of Kulfi are available here.

The famous Amadora Gourmet Ice Cream & Sorbet is one of the best ice cream parlors in the city of Chennai. Located at the premier place Nungambakkam, this shop attracts many tourists as well as the local people in all the days of the year. A wide range of variety of ice creams is served here, which include the favorite items such as Chocolate Brownie, Ice Cream Sandwich, Salted Butter Caramel, Under Baked Chocolate Chunk Bar. The place offers fresh, smooth, creamy ice creams which keep everyone tempting. Made from high-quality dairy products, the ice creams which are made here are made from qualitative milk.

If you are staying in Anna Nagar another prominent place in Chennai, you should miss visiting the favorite Cream Creations located in the Anna Nagar East. The restaurant also makes a home delivery at no extra cost. The Chocó lava is famous here, and this product is consumed by many ice cream lovers. Tourists also love this product which is being sold at an affordable price. Undoubtedly, all the products from this parlor are worth the money.

When it comes to ice cream parlors in Chennai, the list seems to be a long one. Since the dairy sector has witnessed excellent growth in Chennai, having an ice cream parlor looks to be a more viable business in this great city.

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