Why you should not eat junk food and fast food?

Fast food does not contain much nutritive value and it is not good for a healthy diet. Junk foods and fast foods are rich in sugar, sodium,and fat that has chances to result in obesity and various kind of health issues like arthritis, heart disease,and diabetes.

How too much junk food consumption upsets your body?

Junk food or fast food directly move your energy levels

As junk food does not contain nutrients that are required to stay healthy, you would feel exhausted and short of energy to perform your daily tasks. Its high sugar content stresses your metabolism. When you consume refined sugar, the pancreas secretes excessive amounts of insulin and affects your blood sugar levels.
Since junk food and fast food does not contain sufficient amounts of good carbohydrates and proteins, the blood sugar levels would reduce suddenly after food intake. It makes you feel fatigued, grumpy and craves for sugary foods.

Junk food results in obesity and poor performance

It is well known that junk foods contain high levels of fat. When the fat starts to accumulate in the body, you would start to gain weight and become obese. As you gain more and more weight, you have high chances for severe chronic illnesses like arthritis, heart disease,and diabetes. There are even chances for a heart attack.

Junk food has a high level of sodium and fat that causes hypertension or high blood pressure. Too much of dietary sodium would affect your renal function and also has chances to cause kidney disease.

Within a short period, too much dietary fat food intake results in poor cognitive performance. You would feel tired and experience problem on focusing as the body would not be getting sufficient oxygen.

Junk food damages the heart and liver

Junk food can also cause heart disease by enhancing blood cholesterol and causative to arterial plaque accumulation. Most of the fast foods and junk foods contain high amounts of trans-fatty acids that can result in fatty liver accumulation and over time, it can result in liver disease and dysfunction.

Junk food causes diabetes

As you keep consuming junk and fast foods for a continuousperiod, you have chances to get affected with type 2 diabetes. It is caused due to too much sugar intake.
Some people say that they eat junk food once or twice a month. But still, eating once in a while also affects your health. It can result in constipation and mood swings.

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