About Us

Thanks for dropping by! We are a bunch of creative people, who are so passionate about food and restaurants in Chennai. This website was started to provide information about the food joints, restaurants, motels and other eateries in and around Chennai. We have always tried to provide honest and unbiased reviews and information about the food joints to help the people, who are looking for an ideal place to eat and hang up with their friends and families.

Our interest and search for food joint begin around ten years ago, when we all came to Chennai, looking for job and life. As single bachelors, we swarmed around the corners of Chennai in search of good eateries. We discovered terrific and hidden food joints, and our recommendations and suggestions received praise from our neighbors, colleagues, and well-wishers. This was when we realized that there is a greater demand for information and details about the food joints in Chennai.

Every year thousands of individuals and families are visiting Chennai for various reasons such as job search, employment, etc. All these people have a common need, i.e., finding a right place to eat.

Our content is not aimed at specific age group or category of people. We have reviewed and commented on the restaurants and eateries of different sizes and have tried to cover all the food joints in Chennai. We also take necessary measures to put information about recently opened restaurants in the city. We request you to check our website regularly to see the latest updates.