The Utmost Need of FSSAI license for Food Joints

FSSAI license for Food Joints

Eateries are big business in India, and up until six years back, there was no law governing them, which meant the safety of the food could not be vouched. But the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India issued a ruling in 2013 that stated that all restaurants, food joints, and eateries would have to obtain a license to work. This license appointed them as “food business operators” under the FSS (Licensing and registration of food businesses) regulations, 2011.

No food outlet was exempt from the law. From KFC to McDonald’s, from the local non-veg stall to five-star hotels like Bukhara, from canteens in school to cafeterias in offices, it is mandatory for every place to get a license. What happens if an eatery is found working without a permit? At the minimum, it will be penalised with a fine, and at the maximum, it will be shut down!

What is the license and who get is? The license is essentially a unique 14-digit registration number that is allotted to every restaurant, trader, and manufacturer who deals with food. For sellers and makers, it is obligatory to print the 14-digit number on the packaging of every product.


  1. Starting a business in food is a highly lucrative idea, especially if you are interested in cooking or serving others. But there is an important legal component to it – the food license. At VakilSearch, we help eateries and food joints with their FSSAI Registration in four easy steps:
    • Deciding the type of food license needed, based on collected data.
    • Verifying all the documents.
    • Filing the application accurately.
    • Procuring the license for you.
    Instead of you going into the hassle of paper and legal work, we do the task which frees you up to focus on the essential side of the food business!

    • Thank you Vakil Search for breaking down the muddling process of FSSAI registration into 4 easy and quick steps. You made it look so easy! I must admit that I’m very much impressed by your professional expertise and the services you offer. I will surely recommend your services to anyone who needs legal assistance.

  2. Fantastic work with the article, it genuinely sums up the importance of FSSAI registration that came into effect in February 2013. I remember that everyone from Dominoes to local canteen next to my office building scrambled to get the license before they got in legal hot waters!

  3. As a small FBO, I found the new FSSAI norms tough to comprehend. But after reading this article, I Googled VakilSearch and asked them for help. Within a small span of time, they aided me in completing the FSSAI registration and get my license! I highly recommend them to all.

  4. A well explained post, but we’d like to add just one more point. As owners of a chain of food outlets, we realised that for every restaurant in every city we had, a separate license was required. So, for all readers who are in a similar boat, do take the needful steps!

  5. As the article rightly states, the FSSAI license is essential to prove to the customer that your food is safe. It keeps from instances like finding worms in a chicken dish (as was the case in Thiruvananthapuram’s KFC) happening and endangering the health of patrons.

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