A basic guide to establishing a juice bar

A juice bar makes use of fresh ingredients like fruits to prepare various types of juice drinks and smoothies. Several juice bars also provide various kinds of healthy food products. Some offer seating facilities for customers so that they can socialize when consuming their products.

Who can start a juice bar business?

Starting a juice bar is a great business idea. It is best for health-conscious and highly energetic people who are interested in the overall health of the communities.

How juice bar functions?

Some of the regular activities performed by the owner of juice bar include buying the ingredients, creating new recipes, updating the menu, pricing the drinks, training staff members and keeping the books updated. It is also important to spare some time for marketing and promoting the business.

Who are your potential clients?

Potential clients comprise health-conscious individuals with a wish to enhance their energy levels.

What are the experiences and skills you need to establish a juice bar?

To run this business successfully, you need to have excellent knowledge of vegetables and fruits. It includes seasonal fruits, the nutritional value of each fruit, and also taste combinations. As you will be functioning with employees, customers,and vendors on a regular basis, you need to have excellent communication skills. Negotiation skills are much important in this business as the product should be purchased every day to maintain freshness.

How to make money in this business?

A juice shop business owner makes money by serving fresh fruit juices to customers. They charge for preparing quality and fresh fruit-based beverages on the spot. The price of the juice would depend upon the ingredients, skill, time and experience to buy and prepare the beverages. Several juice bars collaborate with health food shops to offer healthy food products also.

What are the expenses involved in establishing the juice bar?

It is possible to open a juice bar for less than INR 50,000 that includes permits, business licenses, and insurance. The cost varies and depends upon the locality you are establishing. If you are starting in a posh area, you have to pay an additional amount as rental expenses. If it is a stand-alone shop in a business place, you would not be paying any rental amount. You have to rent a space for washing fruits and vegetables and preparing the juice. The basic juicer is available at a reasonable price. It again depends upon the type and number of juicer you are selecting for your shop.

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