Tips to order healthy fast food

If you are a person who regularly eats at fast food, it is difficult to maintain a healthy diet. Fast food is high in calories, sodium, saturated fat and trans-fat. It is also low in nutrients. It lacks in fiber, vegetables,and fruits.
Most people wonder whether it is possible to order healthy fast food. Well, there is no such thing but you can make healthy choices by selecting in a smart way. It is simple to make healthy choices when you plan by checking the nutritional guides which most popular food chains mention on their websites. You may not have time to prepare but you can make the smart choice by following these guidelines.

Guidelines to order healthy fast food

Focus on portion size: Several fast food chains deliver sufficient food in the name of a single serving. It is recommended to avoid value sized and supersized items. Select for smallest size especially when you are ordering sides, burgers,and sandwiches. When you see the children’s menu, you can see reasonable portions.
Keep eye on roasted or grilled lean meats: Avoid breaded and fried items like breaded fish millets and crispy chicken sandwiches. Select lean roast beef, lean ham, chicken breast, or turkey instead. It is best to select grilled skinless chicken.

Ensure to read the menu and its description: When the dishes are labeled as au gratin, scalloped, crispy, creamy, breaded, deep fried, batter dipped, basted or pan-fried, it means such dishes are high in unhealthy fats, calories,and sodium. It is the same with items in cream or Alfredo sauce.

Do not feel afraid to give customized orders: Several food items can be prepared in a healthy way by making certain substitutions. For instance, you can request not to serve the dressing or sauce or serve on the sides. If possible, you can also ask for whole grain bread sandwich or wheat bun hamburger.

Do not think that dishes that are said to be healthy are the best option: In several fast foods, salads consists of fried toppings and high-fat dressing. It is the reason you should read the nutritional facts prior to ordering your food. You can easily see a lot of difference when you read and order the right food.

Be cautious when the food contains dressings and condiments: When you are selecting items, you need to remain aware of fat and calorie-packed salad dressings, sides, sauces and spreads like sour cream. Oil-based sauces and mayonnaise are highly rich in calories. It is best to avoid mayo and request for mustard or ketchup. You can include it in the sandwich yourself, so that you would how much are adding.

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